Holiday Treasures

Holiday Treasures

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Holiday Treasures (logo)

Dec. 2nd until 17th

$3.00 Admission to Museum & Holiday Treasures

Exceptional handmade gifts for every festive occasion.

Talented artists create wonderful offerings in clay, glass, wood, textiles, jewelry, paintings, folk art, photographs, note and gift cards, and much more.


Rosemary Molesworth
Kai-Liis McInnes
Mary R. Lazier
Bonny Burns
George Burt
Gary Bendus
Pieta van Arnhem
Heather Blahut
Andrea Elmhirst
Jennifer  Kleinpaste
Leanne Noble
Stephanie Robinson
Nancy Stewart
Jackie Warmelink
Shannon Phipps  & Drew Aaslepp
Xaveria Forsythe-Arts
Mona van der Velden
Erin FitzGibbon
Eleanor Matte
Marion Morgan
Mary Elliott
Adrienne Callaway
Beth Grant
Gordon Kerr
Kathleen Rodgers
Lucy Lehman  Dogs We Love
Bobby & Victoria Kirk
Henny Schwartz Dagenais
Christina Perris
Amber Aasman
Cristina Ciloci
Janice Blahut
Matrina Lesar
Meghan Larkin
Nancy Sendell
Jennie Osborn
Jennifer McKinnon

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