Exhibits & Art Shows


Main Exhibit: True. Grit. 2018   The Pioneering Spirit of Dufferin County 

We look to the past; to the pioneers, the originals, to understand where our community began. This display of artifacts, archival materials and modern photography compares and contrasts pioneers and present-day people who have made important contributions to our community.

Temperance and Temptation Exhibit sponsored by Central Counties Tourism

Between the mid 1800s and early 1900s, much debate surrounded the consumption of alcohol in Canada. While bootleggers tended to their hidden stills, local temperance enthusiasts met to discuss their anti-alcohol agenda. Unlike the United States, the prohibition of alcohol was less stringent in Canada. At no time was the entire country under prohibition. Instead, residents voted for laws restricting alcohol in their own regions, this was known as Local Option. Beginning in 1894, towns and townships in Dufferin County voted to go “dry”. As a rural community with traditionally conservative values, the majority of the county felt that alcohol should be strictly controlled. Of course, not everyone agreed… Join us on a journey as we bring you secret stills and stories from Dufferin County’s past.

Lifeactually – A Photography Exhibit Photography by Pete Paterson

Runs until December 23, 2018

Life isn’t easy. We set goals, face challenges, overcome hurdles and try to hold onto our Vision. We keep going, because we each bring something to this world that no one else has in exactly the same way. Some of the greatest barriers people face are the stereotypes about what it means to have a developmental disability. These photographs remind us that there are more things that tie us together than hold us apart. They are about LIFE at its best – finding meaning and joy in our relationships, our work, our hobbies, and our communities. They are about the ways that we all contribute to making the world a stronger and more vibrant place.