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MoD Archives Donations


Artifacts, documents and photographs may be donated to the MoD by appointment.

Whether it is a single photograph or a collection of artifacts, it is important to our past. Our mandate is to collect records and artifacts of significance and enduring value to Dufferin County.

Therefore, when considering potential donations, we use this significance as the primary criterion.

These are some of the factors we consider when an artifact or archival record is offered for donation:

  • Do the records/artifact provide authentic evidence of the personal, social, cultural, political or economic history of Dufferin County?
  • Do the records/artifact represent Dufferin County people, experiences, stories or subjects?
  • If combined with other items in the collection, will it enable a richer level of research?
  • Are the records/artifact of a rarity or importance to be considered a treasure?
  • To what extent might the records be consulted; that they will contribute to the story of Dufferin County?

Other factors we consider are the record/artifact’s age, condition, completeness, relationship to other items in our collection and any restrictions on access or use either through

legislation or as requested by the Donor.

The MoD must also consider whether there are similar items already in the collection, and whether or not we have room for the item in our storage space.

For donations that we consider to be of more relevance or significance to our neighbouring museums and archives, we would be pleased to refer you to the appropriate site and provide their contact information.

Contact: Call: 519-941-1114 or send an email to

Please include the following information when calling or emailing museum staff:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • What is the object/archival document(s)
  • Who owned it/where did it come from?
  • Does it relate to Dufferin County? (Did the owner live here, was the document produced here, etc.)
  • What year does the item date to (if known)
  • Please attach a photograph of the item to your email.